Susanne lives on the Gold Coast, Australia.

Art is a hugely important part of her life and it shapes how she views the world; she is constantly searching for color and shape combinations in the day to day world as well as in the natural. 

Her slightly `off-centre´ sense of humor often surfaces in her work.  Susanne uses contemporary ideas and frequently includes the human form to help portray her ideas or message.

Susanne exhibits in Gold Coast Galleries and has her own studio space.  Her small works are available on line and through various retail outlets. 

She works in oil, acrylic and mixed media.  However her current favorite method is oil and wax on wood.  She loves the depth and interesting effects she can achieve with myriad layers of paint into which she gouges and scratches to uncover underlying colors and shapes.

Susanne’s Art on Wood and Prints can be bought at ArtiSueBee<click

Susanne’s art can be purchased on Blue Thumb @


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