Latest artwork -Fern Tree Gully.

An abstract expressionist artist, Susanne articulates her feelings in colour and shape, always with an unquestionable Australian ambience.  The beauty and colour of Australia’s natural environment always stimulates. A simple walk through the local bush fills up her inspiration ‘reservoir’ and she can’t wait to get back to her studio to put paint to canvas.

She starts with an idea but understands that each new piece must be built on a solid foundation, so she carefully assembles her background using many colours creating the mainstay for the work.  Then she aspires to celebrate colour and make the drama of sunlight the hero of the piece.  Nothing is more magic than the play of sunshine on an object, how it changes colours and makes the mundane suddenly mystical.

Picasso, the great exemplar of abstract expressionism has always been her inspiration.  Susanne wants the viewer to determine their own understanding of her art and consequently look at the world in a way that they may not normally see it. She wants them to let their imagination take flight.

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