Latest artwork – Blue Eyes – Limited Edition Print

Susanne’s happy place is in her studio where she spends nearly all of her days.  When creating, the world recedes and she lives in the wonderous world of colour and shape.  Susanne’s inner thoughts, concerns and feelings unconsciously find their way into her art.

Picasso, the great exemplar of modern figurative art has always been her inspiration.  Susanne’s aim is to urge the viewer to determine their own appreciation her art and consequently look at the world in a way that they may not normally see it. She wants the viewer to enjoy her art and to let their imagination run wild.

Her love of paint with its rich texture and vibrant colours is counter balanced with her love of nature’s beautiful natural materials.

Susanne sometimes works with ‘rescued’ wood that she has saved from the local Woodworkers bin. The wood talks to her, and influences the final art piece.

Being deeply concerned with the close extinction of many Australian species, Susanne also uses her art to raise awareness. Australia’s birds and mammals feature strongly in her work.

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