Australian Flora and Fauna Artwork

Stone the Crows

Oil on cradled board

120cm x 90cm x 5cm

The devastating bush fires of January 2020 bought back memories of a wonderful break we enjoyed in the north eastern highlands of Victoria many years ago. 

We enjoyed a driving holiday around the area; the vistas were beautiful and majestic and everything was lush and green, it was such a wonderful part of Australia.

Using bits of memory and photos taken whilst exploring in the area, I settled on a scene of this stunning tree with an awe-inspiring vista of rolling hills beyond. I particularly remember loud raucous crows making themselves heard whilst we were enjoying the view.

I feel this painting encapsulates our memory of the day we stopped for a break to admire this beautiful tree.  I also hope that this particular tree has survived the horrific bush fires.

Stone the Crows

To the Sea

Oil on cradled board

120cm x 90cm x 5cm

I live on the coast and am besotted with the majesty and beauty of the ocean.

White sand and sparkling blue water on a sunny day is my idea of heaven.

I have painted a quiet and glorious place where a lazy creek flows into the sea.

Not a soul in sight, just nature in all its glory.

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