Sue Head and Shoulder Nov 2018

Background and Training:

Artist’s Statement:

“The best way to describe my art is to describe it as organic. Before I start a new piece, I usually have a broad idea of what I wish to paint plus the colours I want to use. However, as I lay paint on to canvas, the artwork starts to develop a life of its own and it talks to me, taking me into directions I initially did not imagine. I find this very exciting and love working this way.  Each painting is an adventure and I never know where I will end up”.

Susanne has undertaken Workshops in multiple art techniques including Life Drawing; Print making; Abstract and Contemporary Painting, Oils, Acrylic and Watercolor.  She also continues to study online to improve her knowledge and practice of various art methods.  She has recently returned after six months in Europe where she undertook an exciting study tour into the best in European art.

Art has always played an important part in her life and on how she views the world, she is continually exploring new styles and methods to further develop her own individual style –this is proving to be an exciting never-ending journey of discovery and evolution.

Susanne now predominantly works in oils and mixed media. Her slightly `off-center´ sense of humor often comes out in her work and her art always offers a story for the viewer to discover.  In her work, she uses contemporary ideas often combined with the human form to portray her message.  She sometimes writes a small story or poem to accompany her works, to invite the viewer to seek hidden meanings.  She is always on the lookout for fascinating colour and shape combinations in both her day to day world as well as in nature.

Susanne lives on the beautiful Gold Coast in Australia. Recently she has moved closer to the ocean and walks along the shore every day.  During these strolls she sometimes finds driftwood which she has just commenced turning into small pieces of art.

After a break from painting during her recent travels to study art in Europe, Susanne has re-commenced exhibiting on the Gold Coast and has finally been able to secure her own studio space, which has been a goal of hers for quite a while.

Exhibitions and Commissions

  • Eclectic Art Exhibition – Robina Community Gallery March, 2007
  • OzArtists2 Art Exhibition comprising 19 local artists – Robina Community Gallery, February 2008
  • Bruce Lynton Charity Auction 2009
  • Highly Commended: Sunshine Coast Agricultural Show, 2009
  • Korea-Japan-Australian Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition– South Korea 2009
  • PO11B Exhibition – Robina Gallery, February 2012
  • Watling Gallery, G C – ‘Open your Eyes’ Korea Australian International Art Exchange Exhibition – April 2012
  • “It’s all in the Stars” Exhibition, RQAS, Broadbeach, Gold Coast – November 2012
  • Allied Artists – Robina Gallery December 2014
  • Exhibits regularly at the Royal Queensland Art Society Gallery (RQAS), Broadbeach, Gold Coast, 2015 onwards
  • ‘Texture is the Key’, First Avenue Gallery, Gold Coast 2019

Susanne accepts commissions for work.


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